Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wow, we are very excited to be a part of this blog with an opportunity to experience and share some of the wines we like and hope to try, with more than just a means to an end (will try not to get drunk in the process). Thank you to James and Sara for getting us started out last Sunday with a bang. We are looking forward to the opportunity to try the Frie Brothers Pinot ourselves sometime soon.

A wine off the beatin path...

We thought we would start off our first entry wading our way through obscurity. This wine was introduced to us by a friend who is familiar with this region and has a special place in his heart specifically for Sardinia. While we have enjoyed a good number of italian reds, this is our first venture off italian main land to the island of Sardinia and to the indigenious Monica grape…

Consumer: Amy and Phil

Name: Argiolas Perdera

Region: Sardinia

Grape Varietal: Monica

Vintage: Not 100% certain, but we believe it to be 2008

Price: $13.99

Alcohol content: 13.8%

Food pairing: Pork Scallopine with show string pasta in tomato pesto sauce

Color & Appearance: Soft ruby

Nose/Aroma: Spice, definite similarity to Sangiovese grape

Mouth/Flavors: Undistinguishable fruit forward, with a sharp trail off at the end

Rating: (scale of 1 to 10) 6.

Impressions: It was as it was recommended to me, a good table wine that can go with most at dinner. Mildly pleased with the overall experience, but reminded us many Tuscan table wines we have had before. Nice to say we have had something from Sardinia, lets hope when we go back to another Sardinia wine we are left with a more profound impression.


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