Sunday, June 12, 2011

With a move into June, and the start of another active, busy and enjoyable summer (yes I know, summer doesn’t start for another week or so) we found ourselves out of town for the weekend, in lovely Charleston, SC, and yes it was just as hot in Charleston as it is in Birmingham.  We returned from an eight hour drive on Sunday, scrambling to determine our wine selection and subsequent dinner selection. 
Quick run to a second grocery store (first was in Atlanta on the way back, that infact didn’t sell alcohol on Sunday, AT ALL!)e we found our selection from a familiar grape, staying within the Bordeaux family, but embarking on a new continent from what we have tried thus far on a short, but enjoyable history of  SundaySalud reviews. 

"Another continent to look at, familiar grape"...

With wine in hand, we move to an easier decision: with a full body, South American wine, we could pick some of our favorite foods: Mexican…Beef and Bean Baked Chimichangas with Spanish rice…

Those jalapenos were damn hot!

Consumer: Amy & Phil

Name: Gascon

Region:  Mendoza region of Argentina

Grape Varietal:  Malbec, a Bordeaux grape

Vintage:  2010

Price:  $11.99 

Alcohol content:  13.9%

Food pairing:  Baked Beef and Bean Chimichangas with spanish rice, accompanied by chopped lettuce, sliced tomatos, jalapenos and tortilla chips.  (We don’t know all those fancy gourmet words they teach you in culinary school.  I am certain there is a fancy word for corn chip, just don’t know it. )

Color & Appearance:  Thick, dark red, almost the color of blackberries

Nose/Aroma:  Blackberries with an initial aroma of alcohol

Mouth/Flavors:  full body, with a shallow start, but a smooth, complete finish.  Hints of black and blue berries with a hint of chocolate/mocha at the end.

Rating:  5 initally, 7 next day

Impressions:   Initial aroma and taste gave a significant alcohol smell and muted flavors; a little bit of time to breathe and the combination of food helped volumize the flavors; however, with already a long day, we only made it through half the bottle.  Sampling the wine the next day, we found that additional arration allowed the wine to open it up even further.  No special care was taken to sealing  or storing of the bottle. None the less, we found this time that the wine was fuller and more flavorful, thus leaving us with a better impression than first thought.

Another point to note…this is the second bottle of wine I have tried this past week from such a young vintage – 2010.  We certainly understand that through the increasing popularity of wine and the advancements in the wine making process we can drink and enjoy younger wines; however, my impressions thus far are to stick with 2009 and older.  My humble opinion is that we wait till 2012 to try another 2010 wine.



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3 responses to “Sunday, June 12, 2011

  1. James

    I like the food presentation. Looks like I have to step it up or I’ll get outdone when it comes to food. Good call on the holding off of 2010’s, I agree.

  2. Ginny Allen

    love the post…moral of the story is to avoid very juvenile wines. thx.

  3. omg…that food looks AMAZING! I love that y’all pick wines from different countries! and I wouldn’t think it would have a chocolate/mocha taste at the end…interesting!

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