July 24, 2011

We dont know what it is, whether or its the heat or what seems to be a busier than usual summer, but we have been slacking on our duties as bloggers here is Alabama.  Don’t know how we would go about remedying that, as we would have to undo years and years of practicing at procrastinating, none the less we trudge on.

 This pasted Sunday gave us the opportunity to review one of our favorite varieties of wine, from one of our favorite wineries.  While California Cabs and Bordeaux blends have always been our favorite, Pinot Noirs runs  a very close second.  Our wine this week comes from the Carneros Region jujst east of Sonoma and south of Napa.

A Crappy Picture of a Fantastic Wine

 We first discovered (Not hard to discover due to the increasing popularity of Saintsbury wines, particularly their Pinots) Saintbury at Bottega in Bimringham with a 2001 Saintsbury Carneros and was floored by the complexity and flavor of the wine.  It became our favorite Pinot, on all levels.

Saintsbury has three standard levels of Pinots:  Their entry level is called Garnet and is very good for a run of the mill pinot noir.  Their next step up is the Carneros Pinot Noir of which we are most familiar with and the top level of Pinots is their vintage wines which are typically named after farms or areas within their property and come from a single vineyard as opposed to a blend.  These are named Brown Ranch, Cerise Vineyard, Lee Vineyard, and Toyon Farms….

Consumer: Amy and Phil

Name: Saintsbury Carneros Pinot Noir – Toyon Farms

Region:  Carneros – Napa Valley

Grape Varietal:  Pinot Noir

Vintage:  2008

Price:  $38.95

Alcohol content:  13.9% ABV

Food pairing:  Jerk Pork, Christian and Moors (Rice and Black Beans), Sauted Bananas and Steamed Broccoli.  Note: Bananas were sauted in butter, brown sugar, and Haitian Rum!

One of our favorite meals

Color & AppearancePlum color, with soft, light perimeter and dark middle

Nose/Aroma:  Oaky earthy aroma with some fruit and spice

Mouth/Flavors:  Smooth, complex flavor, with red fruits, and hints of acidity

Rating:  8.5

Impressions:  Saintsbury never disappoints as far as we are concerned.  A great bottle of wine that makes it fun to drink with all its flavors and complexities. 

Food Recommendations:  Works well with spicy meets and foods, as well as grilled vegatables as a second course.


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One response to “July 24, 2011

  1. satueed bananas? impressive! you know we like spicy foods and pinots! we’ll have to check it out, fo sho. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Saintsbury wine before.

    and who cooked all of the food? I’m going to give amy the credit, ha.

    great review!

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