Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ok, so we are slackers too.  But, hey we always knew I was, it just came as a huge surprise that James and Sara were as well.  None the less, enjoyed another Sunday with a new wine. 

This past weekend, we spent our time in Oxford, Mississippi for a true southern wedding for a friend of Amy’s from work that had recently moved on to the home of the Ole Miss Rebels.  Lauren McFall of Florence, Alabama married Denson Hollis of Clarksdale, MS in a beautiful evening wedding in Oxford, Mississippi on Saturday, August 20, 2011.  


What is a good southern wedding without a Groom's cake?

While Saturday night was dedicated to the bride and the groom, we spent Friday night enjoying the town of Oxford and taking in a fine meal at the City Grocery on the Square in downtown Oxford.  I had the Shrimp an’ Grits while Amy enjoyed a mid-rare Filet Mignon.  With our meal, we had a bottle of Andrew Will’s 2007 Ciel Du Chavel Sangiovese from the state of Washington.  We tried the wine based on the fact that we wanted something obsure and interested.

As we have mentioned in posts before, we have tried many Italian reds, specifically Chianti Reserve and Chianti Classico and for the most part have been very underwelmed by what we had tried.  I have been told recently by a wine store owner that this is typical due to a couple of factors: Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world (so more slock out there) and the popularity and demand for Chianti back in the seventies drove more people into producing and selling italian wines, bad italian wines.

None the less, we choose an Italian grape from the state of Washington for that dinner.  We loved it enough, that we ordered two bottles of it during dinner.  Don’t worry, we are not acoholics, there was three other people with us, so we didn’t consume a bottle a piece.  We did love it enough that when we got backto Birmingham, I went searching for it to review for Sunday Salud.

Alas, it could not be found.  However, we had the American Sangiovese bug, so I was bound and determined to review a Sangiovese wine from our beloved country.  As mentioned we could not find the Andrew Will, but the kind folks at the Mountain Brook Western recommended the wine that we choose to review…..

We had gotten tired of showing our dining room, so here is a wine action shot from our back deck. Can you make out the wine?


Consumer: Amy and Phil
Name: Pietra Santa
Region:  Hollister, CA (South of San Fransisco)
Grape Varietal:  Sangiovese
Vintage:  2007
Price:  $13.99 
Alcohol content:  14.5%
Food pairing:  Grilled Beef Sirloin with Fried Sweet Videlas and Mustard Vinagrette Sald with Strawberries and Pears.

Damn, look at those Videlas!


Color & Appearance:  Cherry Red

Nose/Aroma:  Vanilla, Spice, hints of alcohol and berries

Mouth/Flavors:  Nutty (walnuts), nutmeg, cinimmon and plump blackberries

Rating: 9, based somewhat on the price. 

Impressions:  We have had Pietra Santa Cabernet before and been pleasantly surprised, as with the price it would appear to be a middle of the road, everydayt cab, but it is so much better than that.  As is their Sangiovese.  This was great.  Loved the aroma.  The aroma is what you want to smell when trying a new bottle of wine, so, so inviting!   This will definitely become part of our repertoire!



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  1. sara

    damn, look at those vidalias! awesome post!

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