Sunday, September 4th, 2011 – Decoy Pinot Noir

So as all of our loyal readers have determined, the lazy days of summer have hit SundaySalud and we have all been slacking on bringing you the best reviews of wines from around the world.  I make a promise to everyone that those days are over.  After a bit of restructuring by the CEOs we have figured out a system that will deliver the reviews each and every Sunday so that SundaySalud can once again get on track to being picked up by Wine Spectator and the four of us can retire to Napa and drink wines, eat food and write reviews until all the wines and foods of the world have passed between our lips.  You can help us make this dream come true by passing along our blog name to everyone you know that enjoys a glass of grape juice.  Enjoy!!!

Decoy Pinot Noir 2008

Name : Decoy

Region : Anderson Valley

Grape : Pinot Noir

Price : $25

Alcohol by Volume : Unknown

Vintage : 2008

Food : Chili Spiced Pork Ribs over Mexican Succotash

Chili Spiced Pork Ribs

Color : Reddish Brown, Clear

Nose : Definitely a Californian wine with floral and fruity notes, hints of oak and smoke.  Funny enough, after doing some research on this wine I discovered that Anderson Valley had a brush fire in 2008 and the grapes had taken on some of that flavor.  Apparently you might want to stay away from 2008 Anderson Valley wines since some of the more mass produced wines from that region have a “wet ashtray” nose and taste due to the forest fires.  The Decoy however has neither of these things. 

Mouth : Smooth flavor with hints of pepper, raspberries, an oak.  Again a bit of smoke comes into play which is an amazing thing to me because it really shows how the environment of the vineyards is reflected in the wines that it produces.  Wine, like people, is a product of its environment.!

Rating : 8.5 out of 10.  One to keep in the cellar and drink freely.


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