Sunday, September 25, 2011 – Comfort Food & Drink

Some times on a Sunday you just want to take a break from planning a large meal and making sure that the wine is appropriate with the meal.  Some times you want to eat what you want to eat and drink what you want to drink.  Sometimes you want comfort food and a bottle of wine that you know you should like, in our case, it is more times then not, a Cabernet. 

As we have discussed in the past, while tradition is great and important, it is also important that you enjoy the wines that you truly like and not worry about pairing them up.   Such was the case this Sunday.  We wanted to eat some good southern comfort food with a mind to eating health and we wanted to drink a type of wine that we typically love.

We did try a new wine that we had never tried before, but went back to our favorite grape variety.  Now a little background into the need for the comfort food.  To those readers that dont know, all us creators or Sunday Salud are very big Auburn fans, especially Auburn football, some more than others.  I fall into the catergory of obsession with it.  That being said, our post comes from a sampling of wine and food that was enjoyed the day after Auburns first lose in over 17 games.  A game I witnessed myself (see picture below) Hence the reason for the “comfort food”.

We still had hope at this point in the game...

On to the wine…

Silverado, not to be confused with Silver Oaks

Consumer:  Amy & Phil

Name:  Silverado Vineyards

Region:  Napa Valley California

Grape Varietal:  Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage:  2007

Price:  $20.99

Alcohol content:  13.9%

Food pairing:  Baked fried chicken, garlic mash potatoes and sliced tomatoes and avocados in a vinegrette dressing

Fried Chicken was great, this was all Amy!

Color & Appearance:  Very dark, almost black in color

Nose/Aroma:  First smell as that of alcohol, with hints of cherry and other dark fruits (blackberry) 

Mouth/Flavors:  very, very dry (think cotton  mouth), muted at first with blackberry and blueberry flavors

Rating:  5

Impressions:  Not much in the way of flavor, and didn’t really ever open up.  It was servicable, but at 20.99 a bottle this should be right in the range of a decent (James!) to solid California Cab.  Nothing special, but you should expect more.



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3 responses to “Sunday, September 25, 2011 – Comfort Food & Drink

  1. James

    To clarify, Phil and Amy were the consumers.

    I find it suprising that Silverado made such a blasse wine. I have heard good things about them and will definetly follow up this post soon with a sampling of our own. It could also be that the game left a bad taste in your mouth, as it did mine, and the wine wasn’t able to cut through it. War Eagle!!!

  2. Sara

    Amy, that food looks amazing! Phil, awesome seats.

    Now, I love me a dry wine…do y’all typically dislike dry wines and that’s why this one was too much, or y’all usually like a drier wine?

    Weagle, weagle!

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