Just a teaser…

So, yes…James and I were complete slackers last Sunday and didn’t post (trust me, we heard enough from Philemon about it)!  BUT we have a great excuse!  Well, Philemon, Amy, Robby, Elaine, James and moi all road tripped it to Charleston, SC for a few days.  James’ mother (thanks so much, Millie!) scored us tickets to Southern Living’s Taste of Charleston aaaaaaaaaaand it so happens that Phil’s family owns a vacation home in Rockville.  Add the two together, throw in a chef, 5 friends with big appetites and quite a few bottles of wine…and VOILA!  You have a recipe for a wonderful weekend with friends in an awesome city!  James prepared an insanely gourmet 4 course meal that paired perfectly with 5 bottles of fancy-smancy wine which each couple brought.  Here are a few pics from the weekend as a teaser so you’ll have to come back for the wine reviews!


Robby, James and Phil enjoying a glass of wine before a stroll to the water.


A couple of the weekend starter wines.


James & Sara enjoying a wine tasting at Irvin~House Vineyards.


2nd course...wanna know what it is? Guess you'll have to check back next week!


Robby had his wine glasses on after a few glasses o' vino.


Phil explaining the starting wine while Amy, Elaine, Robby & James listen intently.


So, all-in-all…lots ‘o food and lots ‘o REALLY good wine!  Which bottles did we pick?…stay tuned to find out!









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2 responses to “Just a teaser…

  1. Ginny Allen

    Sounds like a great success! Hope everyone had fun.

  2. Savannah

    Looks like y’all had an awesome time! Please let me know next time you are heading to Chahleston for a little get away – Matt and I are often there to visit his family. It would be fun if we ended up there over the same weekend at some point!

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