Rockville (Charleston) Weekend – Food, Drink and Fun…


Obligatory acknowledgement of my laziness to pick up pen and paper, yadda, yadda, yadda…Ok, we good?, now on to revisiting what was one of the most wonderful weekends of excellent, no, amazing food, great and plentiful wine, spirits, and friends…

As is always the case, our wine dinners happen on Sunday evening; hence the name: Sunday Salud!  We had spent Friday, and Saturday consuming copious amounts of food, entertainment and lousy football, not to mention a few preliminary bottles of wine.  We spent the day on Sunday enjoying what the best of Charleston had to offer at the annual “Taste of Charleston” at Boone Farm Plantation (BTDub, don’t try and turn left at that place…I think they hate Nascar).  We had our fill of Tuna, BBQ, Shrimp and much much more. Who knew we were just getting started (well, James did)

The wine dinner of all wine dinners…

The wine line up

To the wine above, thanks to Robby & Elaine for bringing the more unique bottles that we consumed that weekend, of which we will have them revisit and detail, as we want them to pitch in and post from time to time, if for no other reason than to give us another week off.  One of those bottles is above.  Justin – Isosceles, which I beleive is a Red Zin from Napa Valley.  Robby, please correct me if I am wrong.
On to the four courses…
First Course:
 As mentioned in the picture caption below, without the following wine, I am not certain there is a Sunday Salud.  The fact that we tried this white wine, the fact that we loved it, the fact that this wine showed us that we needed to broaden our horizons, take those blinders off and truly inbrace all wine for what it is and what it can be.  The shock and awe of this wine did it!  At least it has done it for us.  Who knew?  Which is why it is only fitting that at the first annual Sunday Salud Wine Dinner Extravaganza (dont worry, we will get James and Sara to come up with another name for it) we began our four course meal with a Rombauer Chardonnay….

Without this wine, there is no Sunday Salud...For Reals!


Consumer:  Robby & Elaine Prince; James & Sara Allen; Amy and Phil Croft

Name:  Rombauer

Region:  Napa Valley California

Grape Varietal:  Chardonnay

Vintage:  2010

Price:  $31.99

Alcohol content:  14.4%

Food pairing:  Shrimp Bisque with Toasted Bread – note this was the night before – Shrimp & Grits.  James our beloved chef might very well be the best leftovers chef I know.  Then again, how many chefs do we know that are cooking left overs at restaurants?

Quite the Chardonnay/Soup Combo


Color & Appearance:  Hay Bale, Honey Suckle

Nose/Aroma:  Suttle amd soft, floral with hints of melon 

Mouth/Flavors:  Forward taste, with a quick finish, with the very familiar buttery flavor which was toned down.  More efforvescent. 

Rating: 8

Impressions:  Beautiful combination, complements to the chef!  Loved the wine, but this was a little different Rombauer than what we had in the 2007/2008 vintages.

Second Course:

Round Two - Another Familiar Winery


Consumer:  Robby & Elaine Prince; James & Sara Allen; Amy and Phil Croft

Name:  Goldeneye (no, it has nothing to do with James Bond, or so I think), note this is part of the beloved Duckhorn family.

Region:  Anderson Valley within Napa Valley California

Grape Varietal:  Pinot Noir

Vintage:  2007

Price:  $41.99

Alcohol content:  14.5%

Food pairing:  Brie topped Crabmeat folded with poblano peppers and served over a grit cake with parsley-mexican aioli 

This was so was gross!

Color & Appearance:  Burgandy, hint of brown/rust with translucent edges

Nose/Aroma:  alcohol forward, minerally, licorice, smell of bug spray (Amy)

Mouth/Flavors:  dried cranberries and currence

Rating:  7

Impressions:  Not teh best pairing; prevailing thought is that the wine would work better with quail or duck.  It was given a 7 but the wine will be revisited down the road with a different pairing.

Third Course – Final Wine Course:

The main event...

 Consumer:  Robby & Elaine Prince; James & Sara Allen; Amy and Phil Croft

Name:  Cain Concept

Region:  Napa Valley California

Grape Varietal:  Meritage – Bordeaux Blend

Vintage:  2001

Price:  $65.00

Alcohol content:  14.8%

Food pairing:  Grilled Ribeye, Maytag Blue Cheese Mash potatos and Harry Caray Haricots Vert (b/c saying green beans is too pedistrian)


 Color & Appearance:  VerDark red, inky

Nose/Aroma:  Oak, , smell of barrel room at Cain in Napa (this is where they put us when we visited the Cain Winery, they thought they were punishing us, but it turned out to be the best winery visit we had the whole time).

Mouth/Flavors:  Full, heavy, minerally

Rating:  9

Impressions:  Very nice blend, well loved by all…note that the Cain bottle was the actual bottle that James purchased while at the winery last year.  I purchased the same bottle at teh same time, and it was gone in two weeks (zero will power).  The Cain was the only bottle we reviewed for the main course, but we did enjoy the 2006 Dominus Napanook Bordeaux Blend.  The wine with a 14.1% alcohol content and a retail price of $56 was a good, but not great Napa wine.  It has received high praise from a number of publications and the winemaker, Christian Moueix is held in high regard.  We will try this wine again on its own to give it another shot.

That was it for our first annual wine dinner.  We all enjoyed ourselves and left Rockville full and content, but none the less left us with the desire and urge to continue our growth as wine enthusiast.  Thank you to all who participated and thank you to our sponsers!

Fourth and Final Course:  It did not need anything but itself.

No wine necessary

The aftermath



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2 responses to “Rockville (Charleston) Weekend – Food, Drink and Fun…

  1. James

    Truly a great weekend. Thanks to all involved and can’t wait for next year’s. BTDubs… the fourth course was a Cookie Dough Eggroll with Vanilla Ice Cream!!! Awesome post Phil. I look forward to getting back into the swing of reviews.

  2. Ginny Allen

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend!

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