Bila Haut 2008 – Wine for the Blind

All I can say is thank goodness summer is over.  While it was great summer with awesome weather, mini vacations, sun burns, and friends (along with a busy event calendar at the club, trust me, I ain’t complaining) all my free time was taken up and none was left for enjoying one of my favorite Sunday activities…reviewing wines.  Ever since the Taste of Charleston Summer Wine Dinner I have been chomping at the bit to review again.  And here we go…

Our choosing this Sunday comes from France.  I recently hosted a five course wine dinner and this one’s cousin made the dinner because of price point but we opened this for our wine club members to enjoy before the feast.  Bila Haut is produced about 60 miles south of Lyon which is in Southeast France.  While the liquid inside is what matters, one interesting note about this wine is the label has braille on it.  The story goes that the winemaker’s blind friend knew which side of the cellar was red and which was white but was unable to distinguish the vintages and varietals.  To remedy this they put the raised braille on the label of each vintage so their friend could enjoy the wine as much as we can.  Salud!!!

Please note the braille.

Name: Domaine de Bila-Haut, Occoltum Lapidem

Region: Cotes du Roussillon Villages Latour de France

Grape: Blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Old Vine Carignan

Price: $18.95

Alcohol by Volume: 14%

Vintage: 2008


              1st Course – Smoked Pork Tenderloin with Oven Roasted Yukon Potatoes paired with a Steamed Artichoke

2nd Course – Sweet Potato and Apple Crème Brulee (could be leftover from the wine dinner…)

Color: Clear edges, Deep dark plum color

Nose: Cassis, Dried Cherries, Soft hints of Leather, Very Dry Smell with not a lot going on.  Has been breathing for an hour.

Mouth: Rather flat but better with food, touch of minerality, very French in flavor, very faint hints of licorice,

Rating: 6.5, definitely better with food but still a little underwhelming


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