The Blend is the Trend

So it might look as though we have gone to one post a month but I assure you this is not the case.  As Phil hinted to in the 2011 Recap, Sara is pregnant so the wine tasting duties have fallen to me.  With my schedule, and now care-taking duties added on, it’s been a little tricky to find the time to enjoy a glass of wine.   But alas, it has come and I am excited to share something that I see going on the wine world today.  The Blend.

Blends are nothing new but the traditional way of doing it is being tweaked and perfected to showcase some great varietals from the around the world.  Duckhorn Vineyard’s off shoot Paraduxx had been making blends with a Zinfandel backbone for years now.  I know Phil enjoyed one last weekend and I recommend it to everyone.  Normally Zinfandel is added to provide a little depth or character but it is normally not the star.  So this brings me to your homework for the weekend.  Go to your favorite wine store and find a blend.  It shouldn’t be too hard to do.  For extra credit, find a blend with a atypical star.  Be it a Zinfandel like in Paraduxx, a French Bordeaux (which is mostly always a blend) or for a real challenge try Conundrum, a Californian White Blend.  The winemakers are Conundrum never release the percentages so try to figure out what grapes and how much they put in.  Even if you get it wrong, you’ll probably feel like a winner when the bottle is done.

So on to the wine.  This is a wine that was just introduced to me.  A blend of Italian grapes grown in Californian soil, it consists of smooth flavors with nice balance.

Name – Quadriga

Region – Hopland Ranches, Mendocino County, California

Grape – Sangiovese, Primitivo, Barbera and Dolcetto

Price – $22.00

Alcohol by Volume – 13.5%

Vintage – 2008

Color and Appearance – Crimson and purple with a rusty brown edge, clear

Nose – Hints of oak, ripe berry, floral aromatics, hints of earthy smell but it goes away after being opened for a bit

Mouth – Smooth but full with flavors of cherry, leather, and spice with hints of pepper and tobacco.  Nice finish.

Rating (out of 10) – 8, a really nice drinkable wine.  I think this would be a crowd pleaser at any dinner party in which it would be a nice wine and a conversation starter.  Enjoy!!!





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  1. Ginny Allen

    Nice to have you back!

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