Zin Blend Trend…Amen!!!

So to continue the post from two weeks ago we are reviewing a Zinfandel Blend from Bogle.  Bogle is best known for its Petite Syrah and Old Vine Zinfandel, but this is a blend of those varietals with a dash of Mourvedre.  Mourvedre is a varietal that hails originally from Spain but the French latched onto its balancing ability and it can be found in many blended wines from the Rhone region in France.  A fun fact that coincidentally ties into Phil’s post from last week is that the Mourvedre grape is usually added with Grenache to balance and soften the blend.

Homework for the Week : Down in my post you’ll notice the lower rating on this wine and I think it is due to poor management of the wine once it left the warehouse.  So, for an experiment, I want all our thousands of loyal followers to go out and buy two identical bottles of wine.  Place one with all your other wine, which is hopefully in a temperature constant location away from the sun.  The other, place either outside on a table directly in the sun, on top of the hot water heater, near the dryer or any place that the temperature changes daily.  The point of this experiment is to see firsthand how improper care of wine can change its flavor and complexity to the negative.  If you try this, please post your results so everyone can see.  Thanks in advance for your participation.


Consumer:  James

Name:  Bogle Phantom

Region: Clarksburg, Lodi, Amador, California

Grape Varietal:  Old Vine Zinfandel – 51%, Petite Syrah – 47%, Old Vine Mourvedre – 2%

Vintage:  2008

Price:  $15-$20

Alcohol content:  14.5%

Food pairing: Slow Cooked Pot Roast with Root and Garden Vegetables

Slow Cooked Pot Roast

Color & Appearance:  Translucent Crimson/Red

Nose/Aroma:  Oak, Dried Raspberry, Alcohol, Hints of Cocoa and Leather

Mouth/Flavors: Sweet Sun Dried Berries, Big on the front, not a lot on the back, hints of smoke and tabacco

Rating: 6/10, not as impressed with this vintage as I have in the past.  I believe the 2007 was far superior to this vintage.  It could also be that the purveyor of the wine did not take the care necessary to protect the wine. 

Impressions:  This wine was one of my favorite blends but after drinking this vintage, my mind has changed a little.  I will revisit the wine once the 2009 vintage is available an make my final decision then.  If you are looking for a economical wine from Bogle Vineyards I would try the Petite Syrah, or Old Vine Zin, instead of the Phantom.  After a bit of research, you might want to purchase this wine and cellar it for a year or two.  I might do this and report back in two years.


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