Sunday, February 19th, 2012 – No steak for Lent, but still plenty of Wine

Sunday, February 19, 2012 found us three days before Lent – which is the Christian season where there is a Christian observance of the liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday.  During Lent, many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxury as a form of penitence, mostly observed in the Catholic church as well as in the Episcapol church, which shares many of the same traditions as the Catholic church.

This Lenten season, Amy and I have decided to give up some of our favorite foods: steak and fried foods for myself and chocolate for Amy.  As of this reading, we have both held strong.

So with our last meal before austerity towards meats, french fires and bon, bons, we decided to dig in on our last piece of red meat and a bold wine to boot…

Alas, technology has failed us once again (as it is technology that has prevented us for posting on a regular basis).  In preparation for this Sunday Salud, my iPhone which housed all notes for this weeks post had to be erased and restored.  I was able to retrieve the photos taken as well as a brief memory of the wine…

Our First Sonoma Cabernet

As the caption professes, this was a Cab from Sonoma from the Clos Du Bois Winery, which is in fact in Sonoma County.  Sonoma County is just west of Napa Valley and like Napa is very popular for their Cabernet Sauvignon wines.  Cabernet is the second most grown grape in the Sonoma region, just behind Chardonnay.  The reverse is true in Napa with Cabernet #1 and Chardonnay #2. As we discussed before, this was my last opportunity to enjoy a big steak; and when we enjoy a big steak, a Cabernet must be in toe.  Wanted to do something middle of the road, nothing over the top.  Clos Du Bois fit the bill nicely. This was their Reserve Cabernet from Alexander Valley.  Side note, I am beginning to be leary of the term Reserve, in that we should automatically think that the wine should be somehow better, just because the bottle says – reserve.  None the less, while I am certain my unrefined pallet couldnt tell the diffrence between Reserve or otherwise, there is in fact a difference.  The2008  bottle ran us about $23.00 at the local Publix, and chances are had an alcohol content of around 14.9%.  It was a full bodied Cabernet, but was not over the top in color or flavor; not too inky (as Sara has been known to say) or thick, but was complex in its varying flavors.  It had the customary Cabernet taste that I so truly love, but yet can never pin point the actual taste.  Someone with a much better pallet and broader vocabulary should let me what it is that I am tasting.      

Tiny piece of meat on the far left

The wine was paried with two large bone in Ribeyes with beautiful marbling, roasted red potatoes (seasoned with thyme, black pepper and kosher salt.  In addition we had broiled cherry tomotos and asparagus (seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil).  The meal was rounded out with a green salad with Balsamic Vinegrette dressing.  The meal plus the wine, gave us a 8 out of 10 heading into Lent!


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One response to “Sunday, February 19th, 2012 – No steak for Lent, but still plenty of Wine

  1. I have to credit “inky” to my sis in law, Jordi…but I am so happy it’s catching on!

    and it’s never good to have a wine blog while pregnant…sheesh, I miss it.

    I gave up Mexican food for Lent…we’ll see how that goes! hope yall are able to stick to it, this means no cookie dough eggroll for you, Phil.

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