An Argentinian White – A wine for the Spring and Summer

There is nothing better than enjoying the increasing longer afternoon and evening sun.  Spending it on the back deck with a refreshing libation.  In many cases for us, it is sipping on a pleasing glass of red wine.   However, we are growing, and on many a brilliant, sunlit day, it would be better served to enjoy a crisp, refreshing glass or bottle of a crisp, dry white.

With our past discovery of our favorite white (Rombauer Chardonnay) we searched for more.  James had told us before about the Torrontes wines of Argentina, and had described them as brilliant whites of South America,  with a smooth texture and distinctive peach and apricot aromas.

Torrontes is a native white grape of Argentina with three varieties: Torrontes Riojano, Torrontes Sanjuanino, and Torrontes Mendocino. Riojano is the most commonly used variety in Torrontes wines and has garnered the most praise for quality wine.  From what we have read and learned, if the wine has a label only specifing Torrontes and now varietal information, the wine is of the Riojano variety.

It is this Sunday Salud that we review Colome …

Predinner Wine and Treat

Consumer:  Amy and Phil Croft

Name:  Colome

Region:  Valle Calchaqui, Salta, Argentina

Grape Varietal:  Torrontes

Vintage:  2009

Price:  $18.99

Alcohol content:  14.4%

Color & Appearance:  Very pale, champagne

Nose/Aroma:  citrus, effervescent

Mouth/Flavors:  Slightly dry, citrus flavor with shallow, thin start, but bold, crisp, intense finish 

Food pairing: Savored with pears, apples, French Brie and bread

Rating: 8.5

Impressions:  Some what comparable to Savignon Blanc, except sweeter.  Really enjoyed the wine, works well for a late spring/early summer evening.  Would work well by itself or with seafood or with light appetizers.


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