September 23, 2012 – ‘Surprise, a Post!’

Surprise…I delinquent post, a post none the less.  Some people might ask, why am I so delinquent.  I might answer back with…with my average looks and below average intellect, its a wonder that I just get out of bed every morning, but I digress. 

As it stands, I actually have a post to share…

As has become a recent Sunday tradition, my Birmingham siblings – Elizabeth, and most recently moved back,  Sarah – have shared a fresh homemade dinner at my house with Amy and my daughter Marissa.  On this occasion, we had both Elizabeth and Sarah as well as Sarah’s brand spankin new Fiance, (don’t know how to put the accent over the ‘e’) Roger.

For our wine and our meal, we decided to continued our education of italian cuisine and the following wine:

What a classy picture!

Consumers – Philemon, Amy, Elizabeth, Sarah and Roger (Marissa drank, but did not eat)

Name:  Borgo Scopeto

Region:  Tuscany, in between Florence and Sienna

Grape Varietal:  Chianti Classico

Vintage:  2007

Price:  $20.99

Alcohol content:  13.5%

Food pairing:  Roasted bone-in pork chops with a tomato aioli sauce; roasted onion, four-cheese palenta and sauted spinach with roasted pine nuts, red peppers and golden raisin.

The recipe for the meal, came from Frank Stitt’s cook book: Bottega Favorita – A Southern Chef’s Love Affair with Italian Food

Best piece of pork I have ever had! Eat your heart out Frank!

Color & Appearance:  Garnet, reddish brown

Nose/Aroma:  Alcohol and sweetness

Mouth/Flavors:  Smooth, mild, and subtle yet a full body taste.  A hint of a spice note that complemented the spice and sweetness of the spinach.

Rating:  7.5

Impressions:  It is certainly not a typical Chianti in that it isnt too bold or dry.  Does have a dry finish.  This is atypical of our limited expierence with Chianti.  Was very pleased with the our joint efforts on the dinner preperation.

Fun facts: Borgo is italian for district or suburb.  In this case, Borgo Scopeto is a true Borgo in that it has its own church, post office, city center and residences.

Fun fact #2: We learned over the weekend, that to truly allow a wine to breath, it must be decanted into a container that allows for more wine surface area to be exposed to air.  Simply opening a bottle and letting it sit will not truly let the wine breath, as only a very small portion of the wine is exposed to air.

That’s it folks, see you in about 6 months with another post!



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2 responses to “September 23, 2012 – ‘Surprise, a Post!’

  1. James

    Are you getting all the loyal SS readers a Riedel Decanter for Christmas? How thoughtful!!! I know Sara is excited about finally getting to do a review so it shouldn’t be too long til another post is up.

  2. Wow, thanks Phil for buying us all Riedel Decanters! You’re the best!
    I think Ive only had a Chianti one time…so I’ll definitely need to try it out. And that food looks amazing! Too bad Marissa opted out and decided to only drink the vino.

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