60 game Suspension Lifted – Finally Back to Posting!!!

After a lengthy suspension by the Sunday Salud administration, I’m finally back to post again. Good to be back. Thank you to Sara and James for allowing me back. The time has been spent learning from my mistakes and drinking gratuitous amounts of wine – no, there will not be posts from those episodes, save maybe one that we will revisit when we are in a mood for an Italian foret – both in food and vino.

None the less, on to our most recent Sunday Salud. Whether purposely or inadverdently, we have made many efforts to continue to boraden our international wine horizons and have spent time consuming many an italian and french wine as well as dabbling with very rich and full bodied Spanish wines. Spain is where our most recent wine with dinner occurred.


We enjoyed and review a 2010 Kick ass Garnacha from the El Borro winery in the Carinena DO in Spain, within the Aragon region of Spain.  The Aragon region is in Northeast Spain, just south of  France.  The Carinena DO (DO stands for Denominacion de Origen -general identification for Spanish wines).  This is not our first time to review a Garnacha, as we have posted on the Las Rocas winery before.  Garnacha is very previlent in Spain because of the wines ability to grow in hotter climates.  It also commonly grown in France, but under the name Grenache.  

As mentioned Garnacha or Grenache grows well in hot dry climates, which makes it one of the most widely grown grape varieties in the world, hence its prevalence in wine making.  It is used very commonly in many southern Rhone wines in France, and in the famous Austrilian Syrahs.  

With its distinct, heavy aromas and  essence, Garnacha for me carries many similarities to Burgandies, and Syrahs – an inky and bold red wine, some times over the top.

As is the case many times, our wine dictates our meal; however, on this occasion, the menu for dinner was already established – chicken enchilidas, guacamole salad and “Spanish” rice.  With the spice and heaviness of the meal – this big and bold Spanish wine with a spicy undertone worked well!

Consumer:  Elizabeth, Sarah, Roger, Phil, Chris Knight and McKenzie Belefonte

Name:  El Burro Kickass Garnacha

Region:  Carinena wine region within the Aragon region of Spain

Grape Varietal:  Garnacha

Vintage:  2010

Price:  $13.99

Alcohol content:  14.0%

Food pairing:  Chicken Enchiladas covered in melted Monterey Jack Cheese Sauce -with Green Chiles; guacamole salad and Spanish rice  

                                                                            photo (2) 

Color & Appearance:  Dark Red, that’s it, dark red.

Nose/Aroma:  Smells of spice and blue/blackberries

Mouth/Flavors:  Very big, and sweetalmost tart with a dry finish, hints of cherries 

Rating:  7 to maybe 7.5

Impressions:  Really liked, espcially for a discount wine.  Really opened up with the distinct flavor that seems to always be present in granachas, syrahs and some burgandies.  To me, I cannot pin points the taste, but it appears to always be present in these wines.  Its a taste that keeps me from loving these wines, but the wine was still enjoyable.


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