Who are we?

Welcome!  We’re James, Sara, Amy & Philemon…nice to meet you!  James, Sara, Amy & Philemon at Cain Winery in CA (2010)Basically, we all have a love for wine that stems from many directions: James is an Executive Chef, Philemon is a collector, Amy is an enjoy-er and Sara…well Sara isn’t complete without a glass of wine.  Our love for wine isn’t rooted or catered around high-end wines.  We love to try them all, $10 or less and vintage.  We want to share our experiences and thoughts on what we have drunk with the hope of improving our own knowledge of wine on many levels: pallet, likes/dislikes, history, drunkenness, etc.

Since we live about 6 hours apart from each other (P&A in Alabama and J&S in Tennessee), we’ve decided the best thing to do is take turns posting each week.  Please feel free to leave us comments with your personal thoughts or tastings on the wine, suggestions of wines for us to taste or just to say HI!  We’d love to hear from y’all!  This is a work-in-progress, so please, be patient.

A little background, Philemon and James have been friends since middle school where they attended the same church and have remained friends throughout the years.  Amy & Sara have become close through continually rolling their eyes at their husbands’ crazy antics.  All of us combined, we make an amazingly, awesome foursome of good food enjoy-ers, great wine drinkers and constant laugher-ers.


5 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Ginny Allen

    Love this!!! And to think on Sunday Salud’s launch you thought of your Mothers! You make us proud. Hoist one for me.

  2. KWM

    I cannot wait to read your postings! I LOVE yummy food especially paired with fabulous wine 🙂

  3. alyson

    My husband and I also love wine, but don’t have much knowledge in what goes with what nor do we have an expensive palate…however..we love wine. When we were on our honeymoon in Vermont, we were introduced to Moscato wine….and we still love it! I’m usually a Chianti or Malbec kinda girl, but there is nothing better on a hot Alabama day than a glass of Moscato! Looking forward to more postings!

    Alyson Ward

  4. Enjoyed having some of James great cooking at Blackthorn tonight. Let me know if you would like to be on the Tricities Wine Lovers List about wine events locally.

    Rick Jelovsek

  5. Ginny Allen

    Love reading the posts!

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